About IUD (Mirena or Copper) Insertion

Dr Kerrilee Lake is trained in IUD (Intrauterine Device) insertion and is very happy to consult with you about whether an IUD is an option for you. IUD insertion can be done at Alstonville Medical Centre in the majority of cases, with only a small percentage of women needing referral to Gynaecological Services for placement.

If you would like to discuss whether IUD is appropriate for you please make an appointment with Dr Lake. If you require a Pap Test or other Medical care as well, please book a longer appointment to ensure there is enough time to cover everything thoroughly.

If you have already had a discussion with Dr Lake about the IUD and are making an appointment for an IUD insertion, please book with reception and tell them it is for an IUD insertion. This is to ensure the Nurses room is booked and a nurse is available for the procedure also. Please don’t forget to bring your IUD to the appointment and make sure your children are cared for during the appointment. It is advised you do not drive for 30 minutes after the procedure. Payment is required on the day of the procedure, please see below for schedule of fees.

Mirena IUD Schedule of Fees

Consultation Fee on the day Medicare Rebate Out of pocket cost
Initial $82.00 $41.20 $40.80
IUD Insertion $292.00 $154.35 $137.65
Follow up $82.00 $41.20 $40.80

For more information on Hormone releasing IUD, please download the Hormone releasing IUD Fact Sheet.

How can you care for yourself at home? Please download the IUD Aftercare Instructions.

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