At Alstonville Medical Centre we have Satellite Echo who are dedicated to addressing the healthcare needs of regional areas, where access to specialised cardiac services may be limited.  They understand the importance of providing convenient, high-quality and reliable diagnostic heart testing services to patients in regional locations, therefore our specialised team of experienced Cardiac Sonographers attends the Alstonville Medical Centre on a regular basis to perform echocardiograms.

How it Works:

  1. Our Team:  At Satellite Echo, we are a team of qualified, ASAR accredited Cardiac Sonographers experienced in performing high quality heart tests on patients in both private practice and hospital settings.  We are linked in with reporting cardiologists who are based in metropolitan areas and have access to our reporting software.
  2. Convenience Where You Are: We come to you at the Alstonville Medical Centre.  If you have a referral from your GP, we make it much easier for you to get an echocardiogram.
  3. Specialised Heart Test: We perform echocardiograms which involves taking ultrasound images of your heart to provide your GP with information about the structure and function of your heart.
  4. Specialised Equipment: We use GE and Phillips ultrasound machines set up with the latest software and specialised heart probes to take images of your heart.
  5. Fast Reports: We use a sophisticated cloud-based reporting software that securely stores patient data, test results, and medical imaging files.  This software enables real-time transmission of test data from the mobile echo machine to the cloud, ensuring that heart specialists can access the information promptly and get reports back to your GP quickly.
  6. BULK-BILLED TESTS: Because we are dedicated to improving access to specialised heart tests for regional patients, we bulk-bill all of our tests.  All you need is a valid referral from your GP and we will do the rest.
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